SmartPhorce is committed to safety, security and reliability. We will keep you and your money SmartSafe while you use our service to get your jobs done!

We have created a safe environment where you can trust the people you hire and know that your task is in good hands.


Sec_rity without U is incomplete!

SmartPhorce has various mechanisms to increase safety and we are continuously looking at ways to improve things. We are offering you ways to make informed decisions. Ultimately you are responsible of your decisions. Use our various tools and more importantly common sense to make your decisions! May the “Phorce” be with you!

Below are just some ways we are working to make sure that tasks are completed in a safe environment. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at


Registration is compulsory

Any person who either wishes to offer work or hire people to complete tasks is required to register their details with SmartPhorce. Each SmartEarner and SmartSpender must have a completed profile in order to use the website or App. If we discover that there are any inaccuracies on a profile then we reserve the right to remove that person’s registration. SmartPhorce is based on accurate and honest information sharing. No need to worry though we do not reveal your personal details to any other member. See our “Privacy Policy” for more details.  


You are in control

SmartPhorce will keep you safe by not allowing anyone to access to your personal information. You remain in control at all times and if you do not find someone you feel is reliable and trustworthy, you do not have to hire anyone. However, with the large number of people registered with SmartPhorce you are sure to be in good hands with one of our SmartEarners.



People trust other people’s opinion and so ‘word of mouth’ is still a great way to get future jobs. Online reviews are the new ‘word of mouth’ so if you get excellent reviews for the work you complete you will be a trusted SmartEarner and increase your earning potential.

SmartPeople are encouraged to submit reviews of the service they received or offered. These reviews will be available on the SmartPerson’ profile so that all SmartPeople can see what kind of service they are likely to receive. Reviews of this nature allow SmartPeople to make informed decisions about who they wish to deal with, which promotes an environment of honestly, trust and security.


eReputation / Verifications

We all have an eReputation: if you are a user of eBay or Amazon you will have received reviews. Are you registered on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.? That too will be part of your eReputation. SmartPhorce encourages you to verify i.e. confirm that you are registered on social networks and have a good reputation. Obviously any information provided will be in safe hands with us. See our “Privacy Policy” for more details.

We also verify email address and mobile phone numbers of our members.



Being registered on PayPal, our partner for secure online payments is a strong way to verify the identity of the members of our community. PayPal is committed to fight online fraud/identity fraud and is strongly regulated. PayPal has stringent verification mechanisms to confirm the identity of its clients. Having a “verified” status with PayPal is a strong signal that you are dealing with genuine people.


All communication regarding work must be carried out through SmartPhorce

All members of the SmartPhorce community must conduct all communication regarding a task through our secure platform. This way SmartPhorce know the details of what has been arranged and can look into problems that may arise. If you choose to carry out communication outside of SmartPhorce then SmartPhorce cannot be held responsible for any issues or mediate any disagreements.